Thrust Issues

by House of Ease



House of Ease Christopher "Oiled Butts Daddy" Morley and Dominic "Hung Daddy" Bojanic-Tanner (members of Queer'd Science, Klaus Kinski, Skaglords, Solid Gold Toilet, GNOD, Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura, The Gits, The Shits, Pancake Christ, Hot Puddings, Shaddocks)
Edwin "Irma "Hot Cheddar" Vep" Stevens guests on Tiger Duds & Fingers through the interpretation of guitar.
Please enjoy responsibly.


released January 30, 2017

Recorded summer 2016.


all rights reserved



idlechrist Manchester, UK

UK based label and production company.
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Track Name: Dry
it smells like animals various species of faeces shovelled into my lungs want to be raptured plead to the skies 'cause people will love you and leave you and bleed you dry i wanna sleep but i've got people building houses on top of me you make me suffer you give me life you exhaust me put the swords to me
Track Name: Milk Neck
my boots are stuffed with minced words librarians choice bones included sinew shines like new glass pearlescent in the blood moon's wrath drenched in a broth of boiled teeth and the gravy that men fear the most my socks are crammed with puzzled faces and the nightmares of the biggest dicks to ever grace a plate of beef fill my skull with innards of the goose that destroyed my enemies and devoured the hearts of scorned lovers milk this cow for all she's worth and then apologise once a night for every single night for the rest of your life of course you're handling a spinal chord it's not a tie it's your granddad's noose
Track Name: Linda's In The Hospital
what's kenneth doing downstairs? what's kenneth doing in the kitchen? what's kenneth doing in the back yard with the children? when did your hair turn grey? you don't live here. you could pull our your sister's hair. why are you crying kenneth? what made you so sad? that time your sister's marriage failed was the best time of your life
Track Name: Kayfabe, Baby
your country would be drowning if it wasn't burning to the ground just death & taxes how can you drop the bomb and not make a sound you can make me listen but you cant make me understand how they fuck you in the rectum with your head buried in the sand? you're better of at the farm you're idolising a donkey just death & taxes get a grip on the kayfabe baby i promise you you won't drown if you can keep your mouth shut
Track Name: Safety In Numbness
no need for a valentine i'll pick the flowers myself no need for a guinea guinea piggy pig fucker i'm in distress i'm in this dress and i'm fucking all the way to the bank pin me to the floor 'cause there is safety in numbness no need for a valentine i'll pick the flowers myself no need for a monologue no need for a diatribe no need for a secret handshake this moustache needs to leave you won't find much meat on the tail of a rat
Track Name: Fingers
you got your fingers in me i got my fingers in you

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