All music found on Autoskin, Volume One: Squatama is randomly generated by computers using GCSE mathematics to impose limitations and/or behavioural boundaries of varying degrees. These are not as much as songs, but instead 'snapshots' of possibilities and unpredictabilities. In short, endless music, songs that will continue to exist beyond pressing a stop button, beyond life itself.


released June 2, 2017

Mixed, mastered - Bojanic Audio [info@bojanicaudio.com]
Song titles and lyrics (click on individual tracks) generated using Random Word Generator; watchout4snakes.com/wo4snakes/Random/RandomWordPlus


all rights reserved



idlechrist Manchester, UK

UK based label and production company.
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Track Name: Automatic Waterfall
An apparent prostitute rules under its complicate phrase. Will the releasing dummy soil a whole landlord? How can the lump boil near a swimming prostitute? Without a workload dictates an unwise carpet.
Track Name: Nonthermally Altogether
The kidnaped query screams a sauce. The cartoon intervenes across every musician. Will the kiss revert? How will the debate breed a paperback?
Track Name: Burial Painter
The express communist deserts the concept. The center shows the deterrent underneath the wiring sophisticate. A landed criminal stalls. A receiver excites a paranoia.
Track Name: Decay Assembly
The worldwide substitute waffles behind your sharp hammer. A relevant photocopy staggers in its boiling pipeline. Each welcomed wreck beams opposite an elaborate initiate. Does a thrust offset the balance?
Track Name: Present Secretary
The ridiculous box chases the answering dogma. When will any mirror gift the standard handbook? Her holy runs. An existence boils.
Track Name: Econobox Sentence
The comic effort agrees each past in a reported material. A developed reactor digests the capital within the wetting dream. A wrap flames a stroke on top of the downright gibberish. The generic jet overflows outside a predictable demise.
Track Name: Compartment Trance
When will the geology patronize the pushing pupil? The skeleton graduates a peer. The greater punch sneaks after the miscellaneous faithful. The quiz beards the asserted snack across a seventh. A lifestyle collects the sticky duck. The day bucks past a workable pant.
Track Name: Neighbourhood Battlefield
Our baffle freezes the expert over the continued designer. The soundtrack leaks in whatever continent. The verdict crowns the structural broadcast. After an alternative declines an earliest snail. Should a recorded track misplace a trifle? The afraid apple disappears.
Track Name: Nondischarging None
A skeleton allocates a manager across the regional mystic. A deranged axiom experiments beside the derivative. Will the heaven bypass the dragon? Across the sighted rabbit lies the gray stroke. Should an inclined cleaner confine a supreme? A reduced crossroad appears.
Track Name: Intemerate Horseman
When can the terrorist mutter? A robot axes the board around the arranged publisher. The gene bakes the comic acorn next to the producer. The secret composite rails near a trail. An extremist coppers the contour. A governor decays near the flipping specimen.
Track Name: Preliable Garbage
The marginal wine activates a bow budget. The deadline dresses next to a captain! An any objective guards the cured decay. An opposed virtue poses.

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